About Us

The Institute for Internal Controls 

The Institute for Internal Controls, commonly referred to as TheIIC or IIC, is a global organization dedicated to promoting an effective internal controls environment and supporting internal controls excellence in all organizations by providing high quality research and education in all areas of internal controls.

The Institute for Internal Controls was established in 2003, by a group of auditing professionals and educators who were concerned with the failure of the auditing and oversight professions in uncovering and preventing the high profile financial frauds that have occurred over the recent years. It is based in the USA, Southern New Jersey, outside of Philadelphia.

This professional certification organization is dedicated to promoting an effective internal controls environment in all organizations through accomplishment of its mission of education and professional certification.

As an indicator of expertise in internal controls, The Institute for Internal Controls grants the designation of Certified Internal Controls Auditor (CICA) and Certified Controls Specialist (CCS). Each member of the institute designated as a Certified Internal Controls Auditor (CICA) or Certified Controls Specialist (CCS) has earned certification after a rigorous qualification process.

CICAs and CCSs come from various professions, including auditors, accountants, fraud and loss prevention specialists, attorneys, and educators. CICAs and CCSs possess expertise in the areas of internal controls, including: audit, review, design and implementation. CICAs and CCSs are employed by many major corporations and government agencies and others that provide auditing and consulting services.

TheIIC Philosophy

The philosophy of The Institute is that there is a need to change the profession to address all areas of internal controls, including management controls, financial controls, operational controls, IT controls, physical security controls, and risk management. Through education, professional development and collegiality among industry practitioners TheIIC fosters the professional climate that will further influence the direction and evolution of the internal controls discipline and practice in the global economy of the 21st century.


The Mission of The Institute for Internal Controls is to promote an effective internal controls environment by enhancing the implementation of good internal control procedures in order to:

  • Deter and detect fraudulent activities;
  • Reduce waste and abuse; and
  • Increase efficiency, effectiveness and economy of operations.

To accomplish our mission, The Institute for Internal Controls:

  • Provides the professional certification of CICA and CCS to auditing and control specialists who demonstrate the highest skills in internal controls;
  • Sets the highest standards for admission and designation as a CICA and CCS;
  • Provides leadership to inspire confidence in the integrity, objectivity, and professionalism in the auditing profession and in the designation of CICA and CCS;
  • Requires all members to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct; and
  • Requires mandatory Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for continued certification.